[XCSSA] NetBSD vs Linux

tweeks tweeks_at!theweeks.0rg
Thu, 05 Sep 2002 21:56:57 -0500

Charles Peterson wrote:

> After hearing Kent Polk and John Baker and Ty Sarna talk about netBSD for
> years, I'm going to start installing netBSD real soon.  Actually, I'm
> starting from CDRW I got from Kent instead of floppies, and getting 1.6
> (still beta) version with "experimental" multiprocessing kernel.

Cool Charles!  Let us all know how it goes?

Going on x86 or Sparc?

> My RedHat 7.1 would be fine if X didn't crash every 30min or so.  I confess
> I didn't go to 7.2 as several xcssa members advised.  

We've all told you... RH7.1 is a DOG (stability wise with X)...  Go to
RH7.2... or better yet.. 7.3. :)

> I wanted xfree86 4.2
> (supposed to be the most stable yet) and KDE 3.0 (way cooool) so I got 3
> RedHat 7.3 disks (downloaded) on ebay for $1.99+ship.  

I used 7.3 today in t he classroom to do some
power-point-ish(openOffice) presentations... Very nice.  KDE has really
matured well.

> I tried every
> possible option but could not get 7.3 either installed or upgraded onto my
> system...  I've read about other people having similar problems with 7.3.
> Meanwhile I've lost a number of auctions for 7.2 disks, which seem to have
> renewed popularity, even though you can't buy it new.  

Why are you bidding on distro CDs?

Have you ever been here:

Or even better... just use the net-install floppy image:

> I've also considered
> going Mandrake:  the latest Mandrake has xfree86 4.2, but KDE 2.x.  If/when
> I dual boot, I think I'm going with Mandrake as 2nd OS. 

Remember... Mandrake distro is BASED on Red Hat... (so be careful about
installing it if you're trying to stay away from Red Hat).

> Enough with RedHat
> and their buggy distributions.

Hmmm...  RedHat's non "dot-2" releases can be problematic...  But then
again.. I've seen some of the funky-ass hardware you try to use it on
too.. hehe..  You still running that iffy Adaptec ISA SCSI card? hehe

My biggest RedHat gripe is with their willy nilly RPM dependency issues.

> I plan to leave space for linux so I can dual boot the best linux distro
> also.  But meanwhile it I like a bunch of things about netBSD:

Let us know how it goes for you by doing a presentation!

I need to send out a call for subjects soon.. so flag me as soon as you
have something.. :)

> 3.  Advocates claim netBSD is better for various reasons.  I'm sure linux
> advocates have their claims also.  The netBSD team does seem to be top
> notch, while the "talent" at RedHat (in particular) seems to have been on
> the decline.  Perhaps the team at Mandrake is better.  But netBSD also seems
> to be the OS used for academic OS research, such as IPV6, so they continue
> to attract the top OS people.

This is probably in large part due to the research beginnings of BSD, as
well as the very liberal BSD open-source licensing model.

> Kent says it's "not for everyone."  But it looks pretty cool to me right
> now, after struggling with RedHat.  Let's see if I still feel that way
> post-installation.

If I were to go full BSD.. I would probably jump on board with
Apple/OS-X.  I've grown to comfortable with the fact that everyone and
their mother provides packages in the now defacto RPM package form.

However... not to say I will not one day run Debian with some cross over
RPM package such as Alien or the like

Cheers.. and let us know where the UN*X/x86 realm you end up settling
in.  ;)