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Charles_Strang at aotx.uscourts.gov Charles_Strang at aotx.uscourts.gov
Mon Feb 27 11:31:26 CST 2012

It's been a long 6 or so weeks.  Researching, waiting, reading, waiting, 
ordering parts, waiting even more.  Then assembling and calibrating the 
printer (which took about 3 weekends).  I now have a fully functional and 
calibrated RepRap 3D printer.  I was planning on making a blog about the 
trials and tribulations while building the printer, but found plenty of 
other blogs with basically the same information (and used most of the 
information gathered from them).  A guy had a full set of detailed build 
pictures, which were a great guide.  Someone else had a blog chock full of 
purchase links and gotchas, where I got most of my information to purchase 
my printer's "vitamins" and electronics.  A few blogs on how to calibrate 
the printer and another few on how to calibrate the slicing software.  The 
results were very nice prints on the first go!

For those interested, the following are some of the links:

Purchase links:

http://ultimachine.com/  (has RepRap specific items, i.e. hobbled bolts, 
vitamins and plastic parts)
http://www.mcmaster.com  (basically a hardware store)
http://www.pololu.com (stepper drivers)
http://www.reprap-usa.com (Hot end, heated bed and controller board)
http://www.mouser.com (electronic components)
http://shop.polybelt.com  (timing belts)
www.boltdepot.com (all bolts, washers and nuts,  but could be sourced 
locally at Quality Fasterners)

Building links:

http://richrap.blogspot.com  (lots of good information)
(build photos)

Calibration links:

(good skeinforge calibration video)
(slic3r calibration in a 3 part series, what I am currently using and it 
is fast!)

Hope someone can get some use out of these links..

Charles S.
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